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 Control File Pool Description and Instructions

PURPOSE: These control files are shared by fellow Users to enable the members of this Users Group to compare logic and settings with the intent of improving efficiency and reliability as well as troubleshooting between controls upgrades and unit modifications.
DISCLAIMER: You are responsible for compliance with all your organization's confidentiality agreements. Your use of the Control File Pool indicates your acceptance of this responsibility.
INSTRUCTIONS: From this point down...

  1. You must possess a valid GE Controls Users Group Member Profile in order to access the Control File Pool.
    • Test if you are a member of GE Controls Users Group by attempting to login here.
      You know you are a member of the GE Controls Users Group if either of the following are true:
      • you see the "How To Post A Message To Other Users" right away after clicking the "login here" link.
      • you successfully login with your email address thus seeing the "How To Post A Message To Other Users".
    • IF THE TEST FAILS, then please create a GE Controls Users Group Member Profile (click here).
  2. You access the Control File Pool via one of these links (these open in a new window so you can continue to use these instructions): Control Logic File Pool Control Settingi Instructioni File Pool
  3. Now, you should see the Submission Form and File List.
    • If you desire to download a file, then just search through the file list until you find the file you desire. These files are NOT meant for in-situ replacement of your controls files! The file name convention follows:
      <Unit Type>.<Unit Number>.<Control System>.<Submitter Email Address>.<Date of Submission>.<Plant Name>.<Original File Name>
    • The explanation of the Submission Form's data entry fields continue on in this document.
  4. From here down, we are working toward you supplying a control file into the pool of files available to the Users.
  5. Enter your valid Username (your corporate "Email Address") thus enabling a User who access your file to contact you in the future.
  6. Type in your "Plant Name (Site)" without punctuation, for example, "Mustang Station, Inc." should be entered as "Mustang Station".
  7. Identify your "Unit Type" (which model and make of GT/ST/CT) with the drop down box (if your type of unit is not in the list, then send this site's manager an email requesting your type of unit to be added to the list prior to submitting your file).
  8. Please identify the "Unit Number" that this control file applies to at your plant.
  9. Be specific about the "Control System" which this control file applies.
  10. Specify your control file for upload from your system in the "Please specify a single file". Please use the "Browse" button to find your file.

    In the example to the right, a special directory on the local hard drive named "Temp Control File for GEControls" was created, then the "csp.prn" file was placed there (whether from a network drive or wherever). Then the file is available from the Browse button via the Submission Form.

  11. You are now ready to read the text by the Submit File with Details button, then click the button if you agree.
  12. If you want to submit multiple files, then please use your browsers back button after you submit the data (and you recieve the "Document Done!" notice).
    Hopefully, your browser will recall all the data you input, then all you will need to do is change the file name in the "Please specify a single file" edit box.
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